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Our basic $12.50 weekly pooper scooper service covers an average sized fenced backyard on an average sized sub-division lot with up to 2 medium sized dogs, (defined as up to 40 lbs.).  Your dogs weight is a guess, actual weight is not required.  We base our rates on individual circumstances and will taylor a program to fit your needs.  Extra large or very small dogs are priced accordingly.

Your first service is a minimum of $25.00, the reason is obvious, we spend a lot more time in your yard the first time than we ever will again.  After your first service, your regular weekly rate is in effect.  Your first service is generally completed on a Saturday, this allows us time to meet with you and the dog(s), after that we try to schedule a time that is convenient to all and as close to the same schedule as your lawn service, (they will greatly appreciate you hiring us!).  After your first service, you need not be home when we come.  Most of our clients either leave their gate unlocked on the service day or give us a key.  If the dogs are friendly, they can be in the yard when we come, if not, other arrangements can be made.

We do not move leaves, toys, furniture, etc. to locate the waste. We do not pick up trash or other debris.
In the case of inclement weather, we will make every effort to service your property, light rain will not deter us from servicing your property as scheduled.  You will only be billed for the service received.  It is important that we have your email address and cell phone number on file for schedule changes.  Most contact will be via text message, invoices are emailed once a month.

We bill once a month in advance, if a service is missed, you will be credited for the missed service on your next invoice.  Bills are mailed every month and charges are based, for weekly clients, on the actual number of service days in the month.  Your first invoice will be mailed upon receipt of your acceptance of our service agreement, and will include only the number of remaining visits in that month.  Bills are due, unless different terms are previously agreed upon, within 15 days.  Third party billing is available, for next of kin, parent, legal guardian or power of attorney.

It may take a few visits for us to learn the "favorite spots" of your four-legged family members.  If there is an area that is consistently missed, please contact our office and advise of this. 

We offer a discounts for service and companion dogs, k-9 officers, military working dogs and senior citizens. 

Residential rates - feline

Our litter box exchange service can be combined with the canine yard service or used alone.  Rates if used alone are $10.00 per box per visit for clay litter and $12.00 per box per visit for scoopable litter.

We will quote any combination of services that you require on an individual basis.  Please call and discuss your special requirements with us 863-984-5387. 


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