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Love your cat, but hate cleaning the litter box?

We have your solution.  Scooper Squad offers curb side litter box service.  Most of our clients use our once a week litter box service.  It could not be simpler, you supply us with a litter box, then on the scheduled day, you leave your soiled litter box at the curb, we will come by and pick up the soiled box and leave you the fresh box.  That's all there is to it.

Every client uses their own litter boxes, that way there is no possible cross contamination between cats.  Besides, many cats will not use a litter box that has been used by another cat.  The fresh litter box will come to you cleaned, disinfected and wrapped in plastic, that way if the weather is inclement, you will still have a fresh dry box.  You will place the soiled box into the plastic bag and leave it at the curb on your next scheduled pickup day.  We suggest that you schedule your pickup day(s) on days opposite your trash pickup, that way there is no missing litter box due to trash pickup.

This service is ideal for pregnant women, elderly relatives or anyone that just can't get to changing the litter box.  It is quick and convenient.  We supply everything but the actual litter box and you need not be home when we come by.  We generally use a clumping litter, but if your cat has a preference for clay litter or a medical need for something else, we will work to accommodate your specific need.

This service can be combined with our poop scooper yard service or used alone.  If used alone, we will schedule a day or days each week to exchange the litter box and you will be billed on a monthly basis. 

Our litter box service makes a wonderful gift for those elderly relatives or friends that may have a cat, but due to advancing age or medical condition, have difficulty in caring for their furry friend.  Let's face it, we never know what to get for those that have everything or are of advanced age.  This is a thoughtful gift that will be appreciated year round.

Under special circumstances we will enter the premises to exchange the box.  Special circumstances include but are not limited to, illness, injury, vacations or advancing age.  Upon approval of all parties and for a nominal additional charge, we will do our best to honor special requests.

Give us a try, our litter box service makes cat ownership much more pleasant.


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